This Week at The Loft

  • An American Tail: Fievel Goes West / Loft Kids Fest

    This rip-roarin’ sequel continues the adventures of Fievel, the brave young mouse with a heart as big as his cowboy hat!
    Free Admission and Free Popcorn!

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  • Poltergeist

    This funhouse thriller of a haunted house film effectively taps into an avalanche of primal childhood fears, unleashing some of the most pleasurably spine-tingling chills of any ‘80s horror film, climaxing in a terrifying special effects extravaganza featuring ghoulish corpses, a closet from hell and a tiny weirdo exorcist named Tangina!

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  • Snowpiercer

    The new sci-fi adventure from acclaimed filmmaker Bong Joon-ho (The Host, Memories of Murder), starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and Ed Harris!

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  • Witching and Bitching

    The latest bonkers genre flick from Álex de la Iglesia (The Last Circus) is a riotous battle of the sexes horror comedy featuring a coven of bloodthirsty witches who are just dying to exact supernatural revenge on behalf of all women.

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  • Beyond the Edge 3D

    Sir Edmund Hillary’s incredible achievement remains one of the greatest adventure stories of all time; the epic journey of a man from modest beginnings who overcame adversity to reach the highest point on Earth. His amazing story is brought to life on the big screen, ‘relived’ using original color footage, photographs and dramatized recreations of the assault in stunning 3D.

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  • Chinese Puzzle

    The delightful French comedy Chinese Puzzle is set against the colorfully chaotic backdrop of New York City, and features stellar performances from French film favorites Audrey Tautou (Amélie) and Romain Duris (The Beat That My Heart Skipped).

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  • Life Itself

    A new documentary recounting the inspiring, entertaining and colorful life of world-renowned film critic Roger Ebert - a story that is by turns personal, funny, moving and transcendent.

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  • Obvious Child

    A twenty-something comedienne's unplanned pregnancy forces her to confront the realities of independent womanhood for the first time.

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